Monday, November 6, 2017

Well, so much for that...

Fellow diner at A Girl Called Jayne last weekend 
(Cafe not named after me)

It's just as well I didn't sign on to do NaBloPoMo officially because I've failed at the second hurdle. How embarrassing.

But I have reasons! I worked until 8.00pm on Thursday and then met some long-time online friends from America for dinner (yay for meeting internet friends in real life! I've been friends with one of them since Myspace was a thing - 10 or 11 years). I didn't get home until almost midnight and went straight to bed. 

Friday (my day off) I went in to work again (despite having a barely functioning brain in my head), came home and went straight to bed. I slept from about 6.00 pm until 5.30 am.

Saturday I went to the osteopath about my back, and poked about in the many op shops on and around Chapel Street*. When I got home I had to lie down to recover.

Sunday I spent most of the day lying down, apart from when I went up the street to get my nails painted all silver and sparkly. Apparently I am known at the salon for liking glitter polish. Everyone else seems to go for far more conservative nudes and pastel pinks. (One time recently though, at a different salon, there was a 60-something woman sitting next to me who was tossing up between two colours, including the silver sparkly one I love, and I enthusiastically urged her to go for that one.)

So basically I failed at posting every day because I was busy lying down or sleeping, and expect the rest of the month (and year) will proceed in this same manner.  

* While I was having my blog slump, I finished my year-long no-shopping challenge (successfully) and started my new challenge: a year of only buying secondhand and handmade clothes (and shoes, though I don't foresee needing to buy any footwear). 

It's harder than not shopping at all because the vast majority of clothes at op shops are at the smaller end of size range. It's also hard trying to find a specific item when you just never know what you'll find, if it will be in your size and in good condition. 

But not knowing what you'll find is also the fun bit. It's like hunting for treasure. 

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