Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New stuff, compliments, coincidence

My recent online purchase arrived today. No, not shoes or clothes! Books! Books are totally allowed. I got a couple of Meghan Daum essay collections: Unspeakable and Selfish, Shall and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen writers on the decision not to have kids. 

They arrived in a large, square tough bag, making a flat lump in the middle of it. It looked like a giant piece of ravioli.

I wore a new cardigan today...new in that I bought it last year but only wore it for the first time today (certainly not new since my shopping ban started on 1 June). Several people complimented me on it, particularly the colour (royal blue). 

After work I walked for a block or two along Flinders Street behind a woman in a beige coat and cropped pants (I mainly noticed the cropped pants because I thought she must have cold ankles). I went into a supermarket and bought a few things then caught the tram. When I got off the tram at my stop, she got off at the same time! It's not the first time a coincidence like that has happened, sometimes on the way to work, sometimes on the way home. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday clouds

Cool clouds around midday today 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A visitor

I was lazing about in bed late this afternoon after a nap when Luke arrived home from the supermarket. He called out to me and said he had a friend to see me. What the? I came out into the living area and there was our neighbours' cat! He was walking around inspecting and sniffing everything. 

I first met him a few weeks ago when his owners got home as I was walking up the stairs and he came out of the door miaowing at them. I wanted to steal him away because I love 'blue' cats and I miss having a moggie. 

He was on the stairs again when Luke got home tonight, apparently locked out of his flat, and he followed Luke in to our place. He spent a good 10 minutes investigating and enjoying some pats, but then he started miaowing with intent. I gave him half a tin of tuna, which he gobbled up. 

He wandered around a bit more then settled down on the back of the couch. After a while he heard the door of his flat open and away he went. I hope he visits again. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The essence of a good life

Someone retweeted this tiny twitter story by Micro SF/F into my timeline recently and it stopped me in my tracks (or it would have if I wasn't in bed). I love it. That's the essence of a good life right there in 140 characters or less. 

Nevertheless, I'm keeping my list of 100(ish) things to do before...an as-yet-undetermined point in the near future that ISNT my last day on Earth. That is, it's NOT a bucket list. 

Another thing I found online recently that I really like (this time via Pinterest) is An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. It consists of 43 snippets of wisdom written/distilled by designer Bruce Mau as part of the Manifesto Project. It springs from a design/creativity context, but much of it can be applied as easily to all of life. My favourites:
  • Capture accidents. The wrong answer is the right answer in search of a different question. Collect wrong answers as part of the process. Ask different questions.
  • Drift. Allow yourself to wander aimlessly. Explore adjacencies. Lack judgment. Postpone criticism.
  • Don’t be cool. Cool is conservative fear dressed in black. Free yourself from limits of this sort.
  • Take field trips. The bandwidth of the world is greater than that of your TV set, or the Internet, or even a totally immersive, interactive, dynamically rendered, object–oriented, real–time, computer graphic–simulated environment.
  • Avoid fields. Jump fences. Disciplinary boundaries and regulatory regimes are attempts to control the wilding of creative life. They are often understandable efforts to order what are manifold, complex, evolutionary processes. Our job is to jump the fences and cross the fields.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top to bottom, just in time

The view from the top...almost

I went nearly to the top of my building today - level 53 of 54 (I work on 38). It's currently vacant and it was used for fire warden training. It's a great view. 

I also went to the basement of the building. It's in the midst of a major redevelopment and the Flinders Lane entrance has been closed off, so we need to exit via the basement carpark. I found the short cut, which must have puzzled the woman who got out of the lift ahead of me. First I'm behind her and then there I am, out in front! Hahaha, I'm magic! 

I caught the wrong tram home tonight (I've only been catching the same tram for 11.5 years). Fortuitously, I realised it wasn't my tram just as it arrived at the intersection where the bus that runs past my place stops. I didn't have to wait very long for the next bus either. 


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Not Monday

Fungus in the garden beside our driveway

Me this morning on waking: Ugh, Monday. Oh, wait! It's Sunday! Not a bad way to start the day. Then I went back to sleep and woke up at 9.30.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

New hair, gourmet deliciousness, sausages again


I got my hair cut and coloured. It took four hours because the top bit needed to be bleached again, so I was happy to get out of there. It was very cold when I emerged. I bought a hot chocolate on the way home and have rarely enjoyed one so much before. 

Luke and I went to MaxiFoods in Hartwell to stock up on a few things (sauerkraut, mustard, dill pickles). I never thought I would say it, but I love that supermarket (and its sister stores, including Leo's in Kew). If I were there on my own I would wander around for hours looking at all the fancy gourmet deliciousness...and trying not to blow a month's food budget in one go.  

It's Sausage Saturday again! Mmmm-mmmm.