Monday, July 8, 2013

Present and the call of duty

My camera arrived! I wasn't expecting it for at least another week, but it came today. When I saw the parcel I thought, "Oh, my boss has been shopping online again." But no! T'was mine!  Just in time for my birthday. I'm too tired from the gym to play with it tonight though. 

I've been called up for jury service. I know it's strange, but I'm a little bit excited about it. I've known several people who have been called up - and served - two or three times, but I've never once got the letter. Until now. At last! 

I'm not entirely sure why I want to do it. I like to think it's because I'm the civic-minded sort, but if I'm honest, it's probably partly for a break from work. I bet I won't find that so appealing if I end up on an interminable white-collar crime case - or worse, something emotionally gruelling.  But someone has to do it, right?  

I've had to defer it for now because I'll be overseas for part of the relevant period, and ultimately I suspect the fact I work in a law firm might either disqualify me upfront or render me undesirable. Oh well. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sneakers, little 'phut', train spotting, resistentialism

Well, that's my bonus spent.  I bought new sneakers today - a pair of black and white Saucony Shadows. (Men's sneakers again. I always prefer the men's colours, although in this case I needed something fairly neutral). When I decided to buy them, the sales dude (dreads, piecings) complimented me on my choice and said they were "kinda like a New Balance took a valium and gave you a warm hug". Hehe. 

A few weeks ago I bought a hand-held citrus press to extract lime juice for my refreshing gin and tonics with lime and mint. It's very satisfying squeezing as much juice out of half a lime as you can. It creates a vacuum so that the remains of the lime get stuck to the convex part of the press It makes a pleasing little 'phut' noise when it releases.  

I know I've posted a photo of this Foy's ghostsign on Swanston Street before, but I can't remember if I noticed the other sign that runs vertically down the side. 

 Foy's was a department store around the corner on Bourke Street 

Luke and I saw a ghost sign while we were on the train just about to reach Flinders Street station. STOP THE TRAIN! I NEED TO TAKE A PHOTO! I have to go into the city again tomorrow so I will catch the train and be prepared. Hopefully I will be on on of those trains that stops between Richmond and Flinders Street stations for no apparent reason. (I'm fairly sure I'm the only person who's ever said that.) Failing that, I might be able to get a decent shot from the other side of the train lines. 

Here's a list of 18 amusing old words that should never have disappeared from our language (except spermologer). I hadn't heard of any of these before, except for  groak. Wonder-wench!  Lunting! Resistentialism is my favourite. I'm sure my iPod dislikes  me because when I'm feeling down it always shuffles up the most depressing songs I own. That's resistentialism. (OK, maybe it thinks it's being sympathetic and helping me to  wallow in self pity...)

Friday, July 5, 2013

No rain, sign find, new camera

There are only three days this month where there is less than a low chance of rain, and one of them is my birthday (the 9th). 

We've had a few sunny days this week. It's nice arriving at work to a desk bathed in morning sunshine. It'd be nicer to not be at work, but since that's not an option...

I went for a walk one lunchtime this week and found a ghostsign on the side of one of those men's establishments on King Street.

I bought my new camera a few nights ago, but it will take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. That'll be an exciting day in the office. It's a Canon Powershot (like my previous two) model SX50. It's still a compact camera, but it's one of those ones that looks like a mini DSLR. It has quite a few features that make it a step up from my current camera, but it should still fit in my bag so I can take it everywhere.  It will no doubt lead to more regular posting on my photoblog.