Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday eve

It's my birthday tomorrow and I've taken the day off work.  It means I miss out on a fancy cake from David Jones (which they'd probably begrudge buying since I'm leaving in a week), but I'm having a cake made for me with love by my friend D instead, and it will be accompanied by cuddles from my gorgeous quasi-nephews. Yay.


I'm probably very behind the times with this, but I only discovered the playlist function on YouTube the other day while attempting to stave off boredom at work by watching White Stripes' videos. If you haven't checked it out, it puts together a playlist of music videos in a similar vein to the music you've searched for.

Thanks to YouTube, I've now discovered - speaking of behind the times - The Blasters, Mr Airplane Man and the Gun Club, and have now got them on my iPod.  I've also added The Black Keys, who I'd heard of, but whose awesomeness was not fully apparent to me until now. Yay for new music!

Here's a Gun Club video for you:


Andrew said...

Best wishes to you for tomorrow. Sounds like it will be good with family things happening.

a work in progress said...

happy birthday/happy cake day!!! and yes, I agree - it's mush better spent around people you love and who love you right back :)


Erin Happycamper said...

Happy Birthday!