Saturday, August 7, 2010

New music, buds, bees and a big root!

My Peter, Paul and Mary In Concert CD arrived last week (I forgot to mention it until now). I liked it even more than I expected and I would like it a lot even if it weren't for the nostalgia factor (which is the main reason I bought it).  Listening to it didn't make me teary as I expected either, although Puff the Magic Dragon made me go "aaaaw' every time.

Shiny new toy

I bought myself a new iPod today because the old one no longer had a large enough capacity - even after I culled a bunch of songs I never listen to anymore. I've been buying a LOT of new music lately and to celebrate, I bought some more - Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs (You Can't Buy a Gun When You're Crying) and Mr Airplane Man's C'mon DJ. Yay! New musics!

On a related note, I really like the noise the iPod click wheel makes. A Twitter friend agreed, describing it as "soft but definite. Like a good kiss." Indeed it is. 


It was such a beautiful sunny afternoon today I detoured through the Botanic Gardens on my way home from the city. Guess what? Spring is sneaking up, ready to take over from winter. Yay! There were little furry buds everywhere.

There was also a beehive. (Don't think that has anything to do with spring...) I was pleased to see garden staff had put up a sign warning people bees are active in the area rather than knocking the hive down. 

And I saw a huge tree root! I've never seen this before - as I often say, there's always something new to see in the gardens. Check this out!

The start of it....

... and it just goes on and on.  You can't even see the end of it in this photo


JSK said...

The roots are great but the beehive is phenomenal. I agree. Great that they put up a warning sign rather than destroying it.

Erin Happycamper said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

SimoneV said...

Sigh, this and your "girl in Melbourne" blogs make me wish I was back in Melbourne!! Lol. Shall reply to your email shortly, sorry only just saw it!