Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ghost signage

Here are some ghost signs I photographed today in Hawthorn East. I spotted them last Sunday when Luke and I were out and about, but I didn't have my proper camera, so I got him to take me back this afternoon.  

All are within a 100 metre stretch near the Burwood and Camberwell Road intersection, and they all look as if they've been uncovered by construction works. 

 Hard to decipher - a two in one? 

 Wridgway B  (Auburn) Ltd

 Dunno what the WB. 1234 means

Champion spark plugs 

I have loads of photos of other old signs I took while I wasn't blogging, so I will endeavour to post them and remember where I took them (obviously I haven't got around to creating that dedicated ghost sign blog...).



Andrew said...

Wridgway was a removal company. WB would have been a phone number locality code, as phone numbers had in the sixties and before.

Our Fading Past is soon to go onine with a new look and functionality and chockers with old signs.

Lindy said...

Love the signs.