Monday, February 11, 2013

Snippets of glee

I've been a very lazy blogger the last couple of weeks. Gleeful things have happened - here's some snippets: 

 The trees in the City Square have been 

The plane trees along the Swanston
 Street frontage have trunkwarmers too

 On the road to Sorrento last Friday night for my friend
 Bertie's hens' weekend (which was fun)

I spotted this old sign in Sorrento. Nicholson's something? 
Dairy maybe? 

 Large driftwood elephant at a shop in Sorrento

Wee cottage in the gardens at Sorrento 

 Boats at Blairgowrie

Luke's parents gave him tickets to Jersey Boys for his birthday a few weeks ago, which meant I got to go too. Woo! It's showing at Princess Theatre - I've seen shows there before, but I've never been upstairs. It's quite lovely.   

The ceiling of the upstairs foyer 

We enjoyed the show. We aren't fans of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, but we knew most of the songs, although we didn't realise some - like Can't Take My Eyes Off You and Oh, What a Night! - were originally Four Seasons' songs. I especially liked the robotic walking dance moves the four guys did while performing Walk Like a Man. I hope they dance like that when they go to parties. 

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