Monday, January 28, 2013

A productive day

I've just collapsed on the couch after a very productive day, the last of my extra long weekend. *sad face*

Today I have: 

  • been to the gym (walking there and back);
  • watched the final three episodes of Pride and Prejudice. I liked it, but I remain immune to the supposed charms of Colin Firth. And I was very let down by the famous wet shirt scene women go ga-ga over. I even watched the scene on YouTube just to make sure the DVD hadn't been altered. And of course it was just the same. Is that it?!;
  • made a batch of banana and oat muffins. I tweaked the recipe by using cow's milk instead of almond milk, blueberries instead of choc chips, and adding brown sugar, maple syrup and protein powder. Turns out I accidentally improvised by forgetting to put the eggs in too, but they turned out fine. A little rubbery perhaps, but tasty. The over-ripe bananas didn't go to waste;
  • roasted pumpkin and cooked chicken for my lunches during the week. I'm still having chicken, roast pumpkin and beetroot salad for lunch. If I really like something, I can eat it every day for weeks - months even - without getting sick of it;
  • stewed rhubarb;
  • prepared my breakfast, lunch and snacks for tomorrow. This eating well business is quite labor intensive, but it's worth it; and
  • completed assorted other boring domestic chores.
I'm quite tuckered out.


missjane said...

How did you feel about Mr Darcy, the fictional character? I've always liked him (because he learns and grows) and it was really the first time I'd seen him played properly on screen. It's still one of my favourite versions because it respects the story so much, although I am currently addicted to the Lizzie Bennett Diaries.

The wet shirt scene never did much for me, but you might want to think about the era - the female gaze is becoming more something to cater to, but how to do it in period drama? It's not like they could have a Daniel Craig in Casino Royale type scene.

Katherine Jenkins said...

Sounds delicious and sounds very productive. I've been cooking a lot too since I started the Paleo diet. Nice to find your blog here!