Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jacarandas, golden hour, 12 days

The jacarandas are flowering in Melbourne. So, so pretty. The one above is in my street. I love the purple against the cream bricks.

The jacaranda trees down here tend to be more spindly than their northern cousins, but on Saturday when Luke and I were at the intersection of Toorak and Orrong Roads, I spotted a tall jacaranda growing in a tiny park beside the road. I looked up to see its broad purple canopy spreading out against the clear blue sky. Beautiful. I wish I'd stopped to take a photo. 

You'll have to make do with this photo from Google streetview. I used google maps to confirm we were at the Orrong Road intersection, and whaddya know? Google was there when the tree was flowering too. (I would have taken a better photo.)

I love walking home through the park after work when the sun is shining and the grass and trees are so bright and green. My photo doesn't really capture the glowiness. 

Twelve working days until I'm on leave. 

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Andrew said...

It is such an old person thing to say, but the jacarandas seem very late this year.