Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Novem...oh wait. It's December

Another day, another fortuitous lost and found case. Last night I couldn't find a piece of paperwork I needed to send in the mail today. I concluded that I must have accidentally thrown it in with the recycling, which was now in the big bin downstairs. I wouldn't be able to find a flimsy piece of paper in the dark.

This morning as I was leaving for work I thought I'd stick my head in the bin and see if I could find it. Which I did, in about five seconds of opening the lid. Score! (Thankfully it wasn't in the rubbish bin, especially as today was collection day.)

I think I worked out how the brooch I mentioned the other day found its way back home with me despite falling off while I was out - it must have fallen into my cleavage. That was probably the day I thought I'd dropped a bit of potato chip down my top...

I get to finish earlier on Fridays from the end of this week through to the end of January - at 4.00pm instead of 5.15pm. Yay!   

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