Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Birthday plans

Tis my birthday on Saturday and Luke and I are going for a day trip to Woods Point, a little township about three hours' drive away. We shall have lunch at the pub and explore. I read that the cemetery is a must-visit, plus I'm in love with this rustic little shack/shop

I've seen signs pointing to Woods Point when we've been up that way before, and it got me thinking we should check it out one day. Saturday is that day.  

According to the weather report,  Saturday is the only day in the outlook that Woods Point will see some sunshine and a top temperature of more than 10 degrees (just: it will be 11, which is quite balmy compared with the high of 3 degrees forecast next Tuesday.). 

Apart from that (and cake at work on Monday), I haven't planned anything else for my birthday. Initially I told Luke I didn't want a present - I really didn't! - but then I decided I would like to finally own an e-reader. 

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