Thursday, July 21, 2016


Weeee! I'm off work for 10 days! My flight to Brisbane is at 11.00am tomorrow. Not only am I escaping to warmer climes, I'm avoiding a succession of cold fronts that will bring miserable and windy weather to Melbourne for the next few days. The timing couldn't be better! 

While I'm in Brisbane I'll be meeting my long-time online friend Gillian. We're going to the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition, and to Stradbroke Island to (hopefully) whale watch (among other yet-to-be decided activities). I'm also going up to Noosa to meet Victoria, another long-time online friend. I feel like I'll be packing a lot in to my week. 

Luke left for the airport for his trip to England and Ireland about 30 minutes ago. I feel a  little blue (not just because I'm not going!) so I think planning a little trip of my own was a good idea. 

I'm not sure if I'll blog much while I'm away, but I will be posting to my Instagram account and will bombard you with photos here on my return.    


Andrew said...

Have a great time away and don't worry about us here shivering.

Margaret said...

Hi Jayne, welcome to sunny Queensland, we sure turned on the heat for you today.
I have had my 2 younger brothers here for the past 3 days building my back fence, so I have been the gofa, chief smoko baker, tea lady and head painter!
I hope you have a wonderful stay while you are here and the good weather holds out