Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sunrise, clouds, mini egg

The sunrise this morning was beautiful and the pretty clouds lingered for ages. I'm a little sad that daylights savings ends this weekend because I won't be seeing the sunrise for a while.  

 Hot air balloons!

 On my  way to work

 Rainbow cloud!

Getting close to work

I've been getting up at 7.00am this week and that's as early as I'm going to go. I don't really have a reason to get up even earlier and, given I need at least eight hours' sleep to feel semi-human, I'd have to go to bed too early to get enough sleep if I start getting up earlier than 7.00am. 

In the almost 12 weeks since I've been getting up earlier, there's only been one day - ONE! - when I didn't get up on time, but that was only because my alarm didn't go off. (I only get up early on work days.) I'm pretty amazed at myself! I don't even know who I am anymore!

I found a Cadbury's mini egg in the front pocket of my bag. What a thrill! 

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