Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Waifs, the gardens and the flowers

The Waifs show on Thursday night was great. We had good seats with an uninterrupted view, and the sound quality at Hamer Hall was, of course, top notch. Vicki and Donna's voices were so clear. I was hoping to hear more of my favourites, but you can't please everyone. It was a good mix of songs from their new album and songs from over their past 25 years together. (And yes, we were home before midnight.) 

Yesterday Luke and I went to the International Flower and Garden Show. So much gorgeousness. Sigh. I wish I had a garden. I did buy a few plants to add to my indoor collection though - a couple of tiny succulents, a string of  pearls plants, and a chain of hearts

Of course I took a lot of photos. 

 No visit to the Carlton Gardens is complete without a 
photo of the Hochgurtel Foundatin 


The bees are gonna be confused when they come back 
to the gardens on Monday 


 Upside down, Miss Jayne. The glass orb in the 
centre of one of the garden sculptures

 Another garden sculpture

 Freaky flower growing on a succulent in the
 hanging basket competition 

 Smiley water feature 

 Lovely tulips

 Ram skullpture

 Part of my fave of the garden displays. So shady

 More of the above garden

And another part of the above garden

   Wiry lady

 Floral display 

 Do you like my flower crown?

 Part of the gold medal winning floral display by
 Victoria Whitelaw 

 One of the entrants in the RMIT fashion student competition 

Nest of flowers 

I was so tired after all that walking around yesterday that I spent most of today in bed. 

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