Monday, July 13, 2009


I know I should be blogging about my weekend frolic, but I'm not sure I have time tonight.

In the interim....I wanted to draw your attention to this offering from Cadbury:

That is one of the most hilariously daft product names I've heard of. (It's like banana flavoured Milky Way if you're curious).

Apparently they aren't new - I found a New Zealand Perky Nana ad from the 80s on YouTube. So does that mean we can thank/blame Kiwis for this?


dam buster said...

Hmm not sure if there is a problem with teh pic or not or if it is my work internet but i cannot see the pic.

Pyzahn said...

You're right, it is daft. Oh, I love using that word. Daft. It has such a nice clip to it.