Saturday, July 25, 2009

Choccy sampling, calf-patting and PM chatting

Well! I had a great day today. I emerged from under my doona at about 9.00 am and set out for the Organic Expo in Carlton at around 11.30. The wind was cold, but the sun was shining.

Passing through Fitzroy Gardens on the way to the Organic Expo

A brief stop in the grounds of St Patrick's Cathedral

As I approached the Carlton Gardens, I saw that the fountain in front of the Royal Exhibition Building was in full flow and sparkling in the sun, a sight that gladdened my heart.

The Hochgurtel Fountain

Wow. I'd forgotten how stupendous the interior of the Exhibition Building is. I spent as much time looking up as I did sampling organic food (mostly chocolate, but also tea, cordial, vegetable chips, relish, nuts and goji berries) and skincare.

I also patted a calf in the mini farmyard set up to entertain the youngsters (not that I've never touched a calf before - I've seen them being born). The kids with their tiny little horns were really cute (the goat kind, not the human kind.)

I loved the
Bert's Bees beeswax products and bought myself a lip gloss and a pack of miniature hand, nail and footcare products in tiny little pots and tins.

A close up of the ceiling

I was also really impressed with a product called Onya Weigh, which is a little pouch containing 5 reuseable nylon drawstring tulle bags to use instead of plastic bags when buying fruit and vegies. I bought one of those.

I had planned to go to the Pompeii exhibition, but I was too weighed down with goodies, so I just popped into the gift shop for a quick look. I bought myself a copy of Melbourne: Then and Now, a book of photos of how Melbourne buildings and landmarks used to look and how they look now.

Then I headed for Brunetti's for a hot chocolate pit stop.

One of several pairs of sneakers suspended from power lines in Pelham Street, Carlton

Waiting for my Italian hot chocolate at Brunetti on Faraday Street, Carlton

I dropped into Readings bookshop for a browse. And who should I see there, but Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. I knew he was in the area because I'd heard someone point out his car parked beside the shop. I was looking at some books and then I looked up and he was standing right beside me. As I was taken by surprise, I just said, "Oh, hello. I didn't realise I was standing right next to you." Yep, inane. He just smiled. (After I got home I realised I had smudges of hot chocolate on either side of my mouth. Inane and grubby! How embarrassing!)

The PM's visit was very low key. A few people approached him and he chatted with them briefly. He posed for a photo. He bought a pile of books and then left. Half the customers in the shop probably had no idea he was even in there. Still, he's not Barack Obama.

A bad photo, but I didn't want to be too obvious!

After buying a book (Ethical Eating by Angela Crocombe) and texting a bunch of people to tell them I'd just talked to Kevin Rudd, I walked back into the city and caught the tram home, very, very weary after covering about 12kms.

It was getting dark - the sky was a deep blue and a smiley moon was hanging over the city. A gleeful end to a gleeful day.

Waiting for my tram

The new soccer and rugby stadium is looking good

Crossing the Yarra


Anonymous said...

I did read somewhere that the shoes over the powerline mark a drug dealer's territory. But seems more likely to be kids being kids to me.

Ludwig said...

Wow - that's extraordinary - happening to be standing next to Kevin Rudd! :) I am curious about what books he was buying - betcha he didn't buy 'The Liberal Years' or something, that for sure. :) Glad you saw the Exhibition Building - yet ANOTHER building I've worked. Also, small world, but I'm actually doing Angela Crocombe's old job. i'm in her old role - and yet another book, I could've got for you for free, or next to nothing....

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Anon. I just Googled the sneakers over the powerlines thing and apparently there is no one particular reason for it. The drug dealer thing is just one of a whole bunch of possibilities. I tend to agree with you - maybe someone did it once and it's just taken off as a bit of a lark - kinda like footwear graffiti.

Hello Ludwig. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the books KRudd bought. I wondered later if he'd picked up a copy of Annabel Crabbe's QE on Malcolm Turnbull!

Wow, it is a small world! I didn't realise until I googled Ethical Eating for the link here that it was a Penguin book. I never think to check first! Maybe I should email you a list of the books on my list of books to read??!

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to say that this latest batch of photos is top notch. Have you thought of doing specials on particular areas - City, Docklands, Dandenongs, High St, etc...

dam buster said...

FL - Great shots of the exhibition buildings and K.Rudds head!

The exhiition buildings are fantastic. Amazing to think of the events that have happened in there including Australia's first Parliament.

I had also heard the drug dealer theory and it has ben in the few movies.

You should have offered to take Kev down to Jimmy Watsons for a dry and dry?

chrome3d said...

You have a lot of things to be gleeful over. the fountain was certainly brilliant in every way. I have seen sneakers on powerlines here too.

Jayne said...

LMAO Jayne, I swear you're my long lost twin - I just bought the same book, Melbourne then and now, a few weeks ago from the Museum gift shop.
Fab photos as always!

Jen said...

I'm constantly in awe of how much you manage to fit into a weekend - very inspiring!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi again Anon. Thanks. I haven't really thought about doing a series...I tend not to really plan ahead and don't really go out of my way to take photos, which is why most of my shots are taken in the city or between my place and the city.

Maybe I should though? I do sometimes feel like I've fallen into a photo rut, so that might up the creative energy. Hmmm...

Hey db. Thanks. Not sure KRudd's head is a stand out though. The pic I mean...not that his head is anything special either, apart from it being the PM's. Anyhoo....

Yes, the Exhibition Building (not plural, as far as I am aware) is a pretty amazing place, visually and historically.

Hi chrome. It was a very gleeful day indeed. Clearly sneakers over powerlines is not confined to Australia.

Hi Jayne. More coincidence! Of all the books and all the bookshops in this town! I was actually surprised that the book wasn't more expensive.

Hey Jen. And that was just one day! Unfortunately I was sick the following day and did pretty much nothing. Dang.

Dina said...

That's awesome that you talked to Kevin Rudd!!

I'd probably end up speechless and make a complete fool of myself.

Katrina said...

A new stadium to see when we can make it over again. We miss Melbourne a lot. :(