Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gleeful miscellany

Union Lane

Yesterday I had a nice brunch at Southgate with a friend I hadn't seen in a while (mmm....bacon), got my hair cut (yay! New hair!)  and then wandered around the city with my Colorsplash camera, the retro 35mm film camera I bought in NYC.

It's quite an adjustment getting used to looking through a viewfinder again (my Canon doesn't have one) and not being able to see the results instantly, but the hardest thing is remembering to wind the film on! I've finished one roll of film and I'm looking forward to seeing the results, but I'm not expecting any masterpieces.

I took some photos in Union Lane off Bourke Street Mall, which is one of Melbourne's (city council approved) street art hotspots. There's plenty of new works up on the walls and artists were in the midst of creating some new graffiti masterpieces when I was there. I like that it's always the same...but different.

There's often a homeless man begging for money near the entrance to Union Lane and yesterday I saw someone put a large take-away coffee into his hand. People can be pretty awesome.

Before heading home I stopped at Chokolait in the Hub Arcade for chocolate pavlova and a creamy Belgian hot chocolate. Yum.

A friend came over last night and we played Scrabble. I won a game - the gods of Scrabble let me have good letters - and then he won a game, but I think it was only because I was tired and added my score to his by mistake! Yep, that must be it.



Jayne said...

Hmmmmmmmm that day sounds fab but that last picture really tops it off ;)

Levonne said...

That cake looks delicious. I love scrabble too. Do you ever play it on Facebook? I use to play it all the time there.