Sunday, June 20, 2010

I ♥ U, Melbourne, even in winter

There probably aren't too many people who would say this, but I really love Melbourne in winter. OK, I'm not so keen on the cold weather (even though I know it's not really that cold), but I love the way it looks  - the skeletal tree branches silhouetted against dramatic cloudy skies, the lush greenery and the late afternoon sunlight.

I was in the Botanic Gardens this afternoon on what was a relatively mild winter's day and the soft winter light, long shadows and city buildings in the hazy distance looked quite magical. My friends - one from Sydney and the other now living in Sydney - were also quite taken with the vista.

Earlier we visited the new Guilfoyle's Volcano, not an actual volcano (dang!) but a small reservoir mostly covered in a carpet of green duck weed. The rain from the morning had beaded on top of the weed and was glinting in the sun like broken glass. Beads of water were also trapped in the spines of the cactii around the reservoir. Very pretty.

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