Friday, September 17, 2010

The kindness and compliments of strangers

AAMI Park twinkling and basking in the glow from the MCG

I had a gleeful to start to the day. I got to the train station and was about to put my coins in the ticket machine when I noticed a thoughtful person had left a still-valid Metcard there for someone else to use. Me! Yay, free ride!  

I often leave my valid ticket for others, or offer it to someone who's about to buy one, and it feels nice to perform a little kindness for strangers (especially when you get to see their reaction). It's just as nice to be on the receiving end.  Little acts of kindness are ace. 

More glee

Tonight when I got home I had an email from a subscriber to my photo blog who said seeing my photos had made her and her husband want to visit Melbourne. I was thrilled. It's always wonderful to get a compliment, but to me this is the highest praise I could get for my photo blog. I'm rapt that my love for Melbourne has rubbed off a little, that my photos have acted as ambassadors for the place I love. I want to open my window and yell, "Melbourne, look what I did for you!"

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fullyfashioned said...

Hooray! I will always leave my ticket for someone else wherever possible. Although I've yet to find one myself.

And three cheers for Melbourne!