Sunday, September 5, 2010

Movie going, crackle making

I went to the movies on my own today to see The Kids are All Right. The movie was great (I laughed and I nearly cried), plus I am pleased to report I've progressed beyond feeling like a friendless loser when I go to the cinema solo. Now if I can just get used to going to see bands at bars on my own, I'll be set.

I made chocolate crackles yesterday. Yum. (Yeah, I know. I should try out for Masterchef.)


ozziepossum said...

Seriously? I've been a lone attendee to the movies, concerts etc for years. If I want to go see something/someone and nobody wants to come with me, I still go. Bugger it! I got to this stage only after I travelled overseas alone! There's no shame in being alone...... (regardless of what my girlfriends tells me) I say if you are strong enough to do it alone, you are a strong person! Who cares what others think!

Frisky Librarian said...

I've been content doing a lot of things on my own for a long time - in fact there's quite a few things I'd rather do on my own than with friends - but for some reason, I still had a thing about going to the movies on my own. Maybe travelling on my own earlier in the year helped me get over it?

I probably shouldn't say this too loudly, but I feel a little bit sorry for people who aren't confident or comfortable doing anything on their own.

Anonymous said...

Not concerts? Seriously?
I find it much easier to go to concerts by myself than movies... but I did only discover this in the last year or so.
On Wednesday I saw John Butler and Blue King Brown and it was BLISS.
all by myself : )