Monday, September 13, 2010

Surprise, growth and sausage dog

A new building in Docklands - it's modern, but I like it

I made my surprise visit to Adelaide for my brother's birthday on Friday and it was fun. He had no inkling I was coming and although he is a man of few words, I could tell he was rapt I was there (along with Mum, who made her surprise appearance the day before). I'm happy I went.

I noticed today the trees along the river are finally showing signs of spring growth. I was starting to worry about them.

I saw a man walking a sausage dog on way home (they'll always be sausage dogs to me). A sausage dog never fails to make me smile.

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Flo Buckskin said...

Should've grabbed me for that 'Kids Are Alright' movie - that is one that I've been keen to see. I like the Docklands, and I, too, love this building, I know that it's thought of as a cultural ghetto at the moment, in terms of urban planning, but I think there are some really cool sculptures and interesting things going on down there - we'll time will tell. Sausage dogs make me laugh too, but not as much as little pieces of 'rats on strings' as I prefer to call them - they are a giggle anytime....:)