Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dog joy, leather, ice

It's hard not to smile at the unrestrained joy of dogs at play. Tonight a little black dog playing in the park with its owner came running towards me so boisterously I laughed out loud. A few weeks ago I saw a little terrier spinning in circles on the spot with excitement as he waited impatiently for his owner to throw the ball to him. He was spinning around at such a dizzying speed I'm surprised he could run in a straight line.

I bought a new handbag made of beautifully supple leather a few weeks ago. The leather smells fantastic.

I've got a thing about Zooper Doopers at the moment, even when it's not hot.  (A Zooper Dooper is  flavoured ice in a tube). I like to leave them for a few minutes to get a bit melty before I eat them. I don't know why, it just makes them better.

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