Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Twix tape and tiny tasty tomatoes

You know how I was talking about mix tapes the other day? Well, one of the people I follow on Twitter has created a 'twixtape'. She asked her followers to name one song, then she bought them all and made  a playlist, which I am listening to as I type this.

Still a ways to go yet, but so far I love this (Pack Up By Eliza Doolittle). And this

I suspect my iTunes account will be getting another work out. Thanks for sharing @annagconnell.

Yummy scrummy

I made a quinoa dish with roasted cherry tomatoes (among other things) in it for dinner last night (and tonight. Yay for leftovers). Roasting those wee tomatoes makes them taste even more delicious. I like to put them in my mouth whole and bite into them for a little flavour explosion. Tasty.

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Kat said...

Now I love Eliza Doolittle. Thanks Jayne. She's pretty awesome. :)