Sunday, February 6, 2011

More music stuff

I bought Gabby Young's album Bear With Me last night. It's fantastic. Rollicking, theatrical, enchanting and beautiful, and all with that old-time circus/cabaret vibe. There's even one song set against the sound of distant fireworks.  Lots of brass, accordian and, of course, Gabby's great voice. I loves it.   

There's one song called Mole which includes a line I really like: "Can't we be children about this, because adults take everything far too seriously".

I'm definitely going to see her show in a few weeks. I've also bought a ticket to see The Waifs, one of my all-time favourite bands, who have a new album coming out next month. Hurrah.

Mixing it up

I've made 'mix tapes' for two friends this week. It's fun. You want one?  It also makes me realise how diverse my musical tastes are (online dating experiences of yore caused me to cast the word 'eclectic' from my vocabulary). The playlist for one friend includes rock, garage rock, punk, alt country, blues, old school R&B, folk, French pop, psychobilly, and a couple of other songs that I don't quite know how to categorise.

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Michael Klaasse said...

Hi! Stumbled upon your blog after searching for lyrics to Gabby Young's ‘Mole’. Not finding any I ended up searching for "can't we be children about this". There's two hits for these exact words, both leading to this page. Like your blog and especially the photography on /girlinmelbourne. Greetings from the Netherlands.