Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toasty oats, good timing, perfect pillow

I've gone off porridge for breakfast lately, so I toasted some rolled oats with butter, maple syrup and brown sugar to have instead, and it's delicious.

No one put the bins out last night, but as I was leaving for work I got them to the curb just as the recycling truck pulled up (and before the garbos arrived). Phew.

I've been sleeping on a new pillow - well, an old new pillow. I've had it for years, but found it a touch too high for me, but for some reason it's now just perfect. Soooo soft and comfy.


WriterWench said...

14 yo n I been trying the oats n barley (max)and finding it very yummy, either cooked as porridge for breakfast, or (weirdly) just a little handful dry as a snack.

Frisky Librarian said...

Dry? That is weird...