Saturday, September 17, 2011

Go fly a kite, weird clouds, more signs

I flew my kite today for the first time and it was ace. Luke and I went to Sandringham Beach and after several attempts at negotiating the inconsistent breeze - ending in nosedives into the sand and the shallows - I got the kite flying up high. It looked so cool, especially against the cloudy skies. I think the beach is the right place to fly a sharkite.

The clouds were quite strange, droopy and bloblike, which is shown dramatically in this black and white shot.

The skies were threatening. I thought there there was going to be rain, if not a storm, but nothing eventuated.

 As we waited to meet friends in Sandringham, I saw these lorikeets on the powerlines.

I saw several great old signs in Sandringham and on the way there, but the car was moving and I can't make Luke stop every time I want to take a photo...dammit.

I did get shots of these in Prahran though.

This was on the side of The Big Store that I
blogged a few weeks ago.

The building faces Chapel Street but I took this
down an alley off a side street, near Blockbuster.

Here's some more kites action shots.


Me (photos of the real me
 are still on Luke's camera)
A bit I added later: thanks to a learned Twitter friend, I can now tell you those droopy, blobby clouds above are called mammatus clouds, from the Latin mamma, because they look like boobs.


Andrew said...

Why was the sign down the lane? Here is the answer,

Frisky Librarian said...

Thanks Andrew! I know the building. What a shadow it is of its former self. Sigh.

Lauren said...

Hi Jayne, I found your blog via The Happiness Project. I've enjoyed reading through your posts. I love your photos, too! FYI I recently started a blog and mentioned and linked to Gleeful. See you around!

piggywhistles said...

Hi Jayne. I love your 12 Commandments of Happiness. I have quoted them on my blog which is just in its infancy.

All the time in the world... said...

I'm so jealous you got to fly a kite...I can't wait for Summer here now... Nice shark by the way ;)