Friday, September 2, 2011

Clutterbuster, reflections, two sleeps

Still smiling

I was an archiving machine at work today. I cleared out SO much stuff. And I kinda liked it. I could have stayed to do more, but I'd done all I set out to do today and I'm going to be there all day tomorrow anyway.

Although I was worn out after work tonight, I walked home along the river. Well, I only walked because my tram was delayed by 20 minutes and I didn't fancy being sardined with the gathering crowd going to the game at the MCG. It was a nice evening for a walk and the lights looked so pretty reflecting on the river.  

I racked up nearly 20,000 steps by the time I got home.  The Global Corporate Challenge finishes in five days. I've walked more than 1.5 million steps in the almost-three months since it started  and I'm about 25 kms short of 1000kms (supposedly - I treat their stats as more of a guideline than gospel).  

Only two more sleeps until I see Luke. Yay!  I sent him a card to welcome him home (at least until I can give him a proper welcome on Sunday). I hope it got to his house today...


Andrew said...

You have not been together too long. Is he a soul mate type person?

Frisky Librarian said...

How long is too long? Haha. I dont really like the term soulmate but I'm nervous about saying too much else here!

Deidre said...

1.5 million steps! That's awesome.

And for Luke coming home!