Thursday, March 15, 2012


Tonight when I got off the tram the sun was setting in a stormy sky. Very purdy. I wish I'd been walking past the Bubble Dome five minutes earlier - as I walked towards it along Swan Street, I could see the whole sky behind it lit with an orange glow.  

It started to rain before I got home. I left my umbrella at work, but I wasn't worried because it was refreshing walking in the rain on a warm evening. The storm hit after I was home on the couch. There was one awesome thunder clap that made me jump. It's passed now and there's a nice fresh breeze blowing in the window.

Tomorrow is my last day in my job. It's been a hard week, so I'm really looking forward to my three week break. Lots of people have said they're sad to see me go (one solicitor even claimed to be devastated!), which has given me a warm inner glow. One co-worker gave me a lovely bunch of flowers. I just might have a tear in my eye tomorrow when I say my goodbyes. I won't miss the job, but I will miss the people.  Of course I'll stay in touch with the ones I'm closest to. 

Although this job hasn't worked out as I'd hoped, I've learnt a lot and made many new friends so I call that a win. 

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piggywhistles said...

Beautiful photo. Love the colours.