Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old sign omnibus

I keep taking photos of old signs and forgetting to post them, so here's a whole bunch. 

At Prahran Station

 The station-facing side of the above building

Australian Knitting Mills in Richmond. I'd seen 
the AKM sign before but never noticed the 
painted over sign for Maddocks Sports below. 

 XXXX Classic Aussie Beer...Smith Street, Collingwood

 Also Smith Street - I think this is two old signs in one. 
I can't make out what it says

Old chemist on Smith Street 

 From what I can make out, this used to be a tobacconist
 and laundromat well before it was a fetish/BDSM shop

 A closer view. Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

 I might have posted a photo of this once 
before. Brunswick Street again

Not usually the type of old sign that I go for, but the word disco 
 caught my eye. Hoddle Street, Richmond

And finally...I saw this when looking up
 for old signs on Brunswick Street

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Erin Happycamper said...

Lol @ the too observant. <3 these!