Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cosy, yummy, mubblefubbles

It's been a wintry day in Melbourne. The heating hasn't been turned back on in my building yet so I've been snuggled under a cashmere blanket on the couch to keep warm. It's very cosy. 

I made a yummy chicken and vegetable curry for dinner and there's leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.  

I'm still slowly working my way through Let's Bring Back...The Lost Language Edition. Next time I'm in low spirits, I shall describe myself as having a case of the mubblefubbles. Some other favourites:

Battyfanging - a thorough beating
Conflabberation - a hullabaloo
Kicksy-wicksy - restless
Lollpoop - lazy idler
Lumpshious - delicious

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