Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ghost signs from all over the place

Ghost sign time! Here are the photos from our Good Friday day trip as well as my jaunt  through Melbourne's inner north west on Easter Monday. I walked all the way from Maribyrnong to Victoria Market on the edge of the CBD, which is about 10kms, and that was after I'd wandered around Highpoint Shopping centre for a few hours. 

As I neared Flemington racecourse I thought, 'OK, my legs can't take me any further; I've gotta catch the tram now." But my ghost sign obsession kept me going, and I'm glad it did because my best finds of the day were between Flemington and the city. 

Anyway, enough chat. 


 Yeah, I know, I showed you this already



 I'm glad the day spa kept the old sign

 Something stables. I like the lettering

The Daylesford & District Historical Museum 
and Culture Centre formerly known as...

 Hotel...something. The end of the bottom word
 looks like LAGER. I think I chopped off the start 
of the word because it was hard to see. Anyone know?



 There's a few signs going on here, and it looks like they 
painted over the lot

The Beehive Store for Better Value

The Beehive Building on Pall Mall was built in 1872 and is heritage listed. It got a facelift last year, but I don't think the side of the building was included in the works. I'm perplexed as to why most of 'The Beehive' is chopped off at the top. Why bother if it wouldn't all fit?

There were signs on both sides and the  rear of 
this building, but they are mostly indecipherable

 The other side

 And the back. When Luke and I were there, 
we thought the word at the top left was 'Jones' 
but now I'm not sure
And now for the Easter Monday signs. These are the best ones.

 Sunday Best. This was Maribyrnong Road, Maribyrnong 

 Foster's Lager, Union Road, Ascot Vale

 Union Road, Ascot Vale again. Not sure what it says.  
Something about sport?

I think the sign on the side says Carters Self Storage

 Union Road again. Something tea?

 I reckon that's the R at the end of Robur (the tea). 
Another Union Road sign. What a waste of a good sign

 A. Pearse Manufacturers of All Kinds off Harness and Saddlery Goods

I saw this just after deciding not to catch the tram near Flemington Racecourse. It's just off Flemington Road. Of course I love that they retained the sign when turning it into a dwelling and removed the foliage so it's easier to see.

 Flemington road, Newmarket. I think it says something 
about a newsagent and a weekly publication

  Canning Street in North Melbourne

My favourite find the day, which I could so easily have missed. Canning Street runs down either side of a long rectangle park with well established trees. I was walking along the other side of the park and only just caught a glimpse of the sign partly hidden by foliage when I looked to the left.

 The top of the building

 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne. Astor Quality Radio

 Victoria Street, North Melbourne. I think I've posted photos
 of these signs before, but they're good enough for a re-run

 Victoria Street again. Wattyl is a brand of paint, 
which makes this fading sign mildly ironic

 Just off Victoria Street. My guess is the bottom 
two words are Lumber Carter

This is on the rear of the McDonald's on Elizabeth Street
near Victoria Market. I've posted photos of the bricked-in 
window/door (below) before but I wasn't in the
 right spot to see the sign at the top

Finally, two signs from yesterday, both in Moonee Ponds. 

 There's a couple of signs here, both hard to read. Puckle Street

 W Rayner, Tobacconist and Dainty Maid Custard Powder. 
Opposite the train station


piggywhistles said...

Love the ghost signs. I have found myself looking for ghost signs since I have been reading your blog. I always think of you when I see them. Lindy

Peter Mooney said...


Lazy said...

you were right near my house!! I live just off racecourse rd near maccas. there are a couple more ghost signs around here on racecourse rd. im so glad you found some!

Stef said...

Brilliant. Funny, I stumbled on the Canning Street one too this last Friday. Had been down Union Street some time ago but I missed quite a few of the ones you picked up on. Particularly interested in the Robur ones because the Lewis & Skinner folk had their contract for quite a while.