Thursday, April 25, 2013


I had a long sleep in this morning, but I didn't go to the gym because I wasn't feeling energetic. I walked around the backstreets of inner suburbia for five hours hunting for ghost signs instead.  A Twitter friend had told me about an old sign she passes on her way to work just off Queens Parade in Clifton Hill so I decided to walk there, seeing what other signs I could find along the way.

I was spoilt for both quantity and quality. I also found a teeny tiny house and lots of fantastic street art and other quirky things, but I'm too tired to post them all tonight (partly because I stayed up too late last night watching two fascinating documentaries on polygamy and the history of sex research).

I was going to show you the sign off Queens Road and the other awesome sign I found just a block away from it, but Blogger is being temperamental and won't allow it. Another time.  I'm taking my weary body off to bed now then. 

Venus Bay tomorrow!  

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Andrew said...

Hope you don't run into Kath Pettingill, a local of the area.