Friday, July 5, 2013

No rain, sign find, new camera

There are only three days this month where there is less than a low chance of rain, and one of them is my birthday (the 9th). 

We've had a few sunny days this week. It's nice arriving at work to a desk bathed in morning sunshine. It'd be nicer to not be at work, but since that's not an option...

I went for a walk one lunchtime this week and found a ghostsign on the side of one of those men's establishments on King Street.

I bought my new camera a few nights ago, but it will take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. That'll be an exciting day in the office. It's a Canon Powershot (like my previous two) model SX50. It's still a compact camera, but it's one of those ones that looks like a mini DSLR. It has quite a few features that make it a step up from my current camera, but it should still fit in my bag so I can take it everywhere.  It will no doubt lead to more regular posting on my photoblog. 


piggywhistles said...

Your birthday is the same day as my partner Peter and his son-in-law Ben. Have a great birthday!! Lindy

missjane said...

Get out - we have the same birthday! This is getting a little spooky :)

Hope you have a great day... I've got the day off and my mum is taking me to the Yarra Valley for lunch.

Andrew said...

Photos from our compacts don't compare so well to DSLRs, but because our cameras are small, we always have them with us.

Jayne said...

@missjane No way!! Freaky! Lunch in the Yarra Valley sounds great (but chilly!). Hopefully the forecast for sunshine holds...Say hello to your mum for me. ;)

@piggywhistles Thanks. Lots of birthdays on Tuesday then!

@Andrew It's a bit of a trade off, isn't it? No way would I lug around a DSLR.