Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New phone, flowers, tree love

Flower meadow, Birrarung Marr

I got a new phone on Sunday. I dropped my old one last week and smashed the screen, and since it's a few years old and showing signs of age, I replaced it rather than have it fixed. It's a more recent model of my old phone - I stick to what I know so I don't need to grapple with learning to use a new gadget. It's like I never even changed phones. 

It has a pretty good camera, which pleases me. I took this photo of a flower at Birrarung Marr on my way home from work on Monday.


I found out today the National Trust has a Register of Significant Trees in Australia, which allows you to discover unique and interesting trees near you (and further afield). There's a few in my area I didn't know about. I think I have some more trees to visit...

Clearly I am among tree lovers here in Melbourne. The City of Melbourne (my local council) has developed an urban forest map which catalogues 70,000 trees within its boundaries. Each tree was assigned an ID number and an email address as a way for the public to notify the council of damaged trees, but people have been emailing the trees with messages of appreciation and concern. And the council has been replying to them on behalf of the trees! Wonderful!


Andrew said...

I wasn't aware of City of Melbourne map. Thanks. Surely very high on the list is that wondrous elm seen by so many near to you.

Small Footprints said...

I love how people have taken the email-a-tree idea and used it to show appreciation. It's amazing that the council writes back! What fun! It's also a great way to get people looking, and caring, for trees! Thanks for sharing! :-)