Sunday, February 8, 2015

Winning at falling #2, sharp folds and muffins

I've been winning at falling again, like when I slipped on the rocks at Snobs Falls on our road trip.  This time I fell over in the lift lobby of my floor at work and there were no witnesses. I could hear someone coming though, so I had to spring back up and carry on, which I did because I didn't hurt myself. (I tripped over my own feet walking in new shoes.)

We don't send much snail mail at work anymore, except for most of our monthly bills, which I sent out last week. I find it very satisfying to fold the bills perfectly into thirds, with two super-sharp creases. 

I got my little container of green grapes from the fridge at work last week and noticed someone had put a much larger container - of the same brand - right next to mine and it was also full of green grapes. I felt as if I'd stolen its baby. eaten it. 

I have a batch of mixed berry muffins cooling in the kitchen. I can't wait to eat one. 

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