Saturday, March 7, 2015

I like big red balls and I cannot lie

We went for burgers tonight and the guy who served us asked how our night was going. I said, "Yeah, good; we both napped til about 7.00 then watched Total Wipeout."  Nah, I didn't say that because I wanted him to think we're younger and cooler than we really are, but that is what we had been doing during the earlier part of the evening...and it's what we do most Saturday nights lately. Total Wipeout, I mean, not so much the napping. 

Total Wipeout (and its chilly weather variant Winter Wipeout) is a very family-friendly game show hosted by Richard Hammond that has people navigating a watery obstacle course with lots of bouncy obstacles and silly sound effects. Honestly, who doesn't get a laugh out of people bouncing off things, being whacked in the face, hit in the head with things, slipping and sliding off things, and...did I mention bouncing off things? The big red balls are our favourite obstacle. 

Here's a rare example of someone successfully crossing the big red balls...

...which is remarkable, but kind of boring because it's funnier when people fail. Like so: 


And these guys: 

It's not sophisticated, but it makes us laugh like loons. 

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