Sunday, October 11, 2009

Less grump, more glee

I was feeling much less cranky and a lot more gleeful today, but going back to work tomorrow will be the true test!

Today's good things:

It was another beautiful sunny day - and there was also some rain.

I finally went to visit my new little nephew, Thomas James. I had some cuddles and he didn't cry once - he slept peacefully in my arms. He's so tiny.

In the evening I walked by the river into the city. The sinking sun bathed everything in a golden glow. It was a nice mild night to be out.

I saw Ringing the Changes by Strange Fruit at Birrarung Marr, showing as part of the Melbourne Festival. The troupe of five performers waved about on bendy poles dinging and donging the Federation bells (in a musical fashion).

Then I headed over to Alexandra Gardens for Transe Express, another Melbourne Festival show. While I was waiting for the it to start, I ate some poffertjes (little Dutch pancakes). It was quite a treat to be able to eat something away from home without breaking my elimination diet. Yay.

And the show was great - the performers, in elaborate jester-style costumes, were suspended about 40 metres in the air, playing drums and bells, and there were three acrobats who performed without a safety net. It was like a giant musical mobile. Quite captivating.

Afterwards I walked home in the dark. I saw something swimming in the river! Ooh! But there wasn't enough light for me to see it properly. Dang. Probably just a native rat anyway. Nothing can top the dolphins I saw a few months back. Except a shark. Or a whale.

I walked another 10kms today - 25 in total for the weekend. Feeling a little weary...

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Jayne said...

Great pics, they look like fun ;)