Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nerd fest

I spent an hour in nerd heaven this evening. I went to see comedian/author Tony Martin and radio/TV host Andy Muirhead at the State Library talking about books. *sighs happily*

They were part of the 'Melbourne: Books or Bogans?' debate. For anyone interested in the outcome, the bogan team won. Yup, we're a bunch of bogans living in a UNESCO City of Literature.

I wish I could kidnap Andy Muirhead and bring him home with me. He's so cute, especially when he has his glasses on. I've always had a thing for men in specs...

PS Would you believe that the Mr Man above is Mr Brave?


Leo said...

Hey Jayne -- the Kerrigans are my favourite bogans, ever. They were awesome.

(I hope I got that right. And thanks for all that Aussie slang.)

Pete said...

did you enjoy the show? I was behind camera #1 :)

Frisky Librarian said...

Haha. Yes, Leo. Perfect use of Aussie slang. The Kerrigans are great. Tell 'im e's dreamin'

Hey, Pete. When you say 'behind' I assume you mean operating? Not just stuck sitting in a bad position? If so, what a coincidence. Well, either way, I guess it is.

If camera #1 was in the middle rear of the room, I was sitting not far from there. Was a smidge late.

I enjoyed the show, particularly Catherine Deveney, Tony Martin and Jane Clifton.