Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paddling and sunset

As I was walking home tonight I saw two young guys paddling downstream on surfboards. Standing up, with paddle in hand. Oh-kaaaay then.

The sunset tonight


Andrew said...

I glimpsed the sunset from my workplace. It was impressive.

Julian said...

That would've been an amusing, random sight. :) They're just asking to fall in though, and I wouldn't jump in the Yarra if you paid me!

And that sunset shot? Wow.

a work in progress said...

That is what is known as "Stand-Up Paddling". Exciting name, huh?
It's very popular up here, especially with the oldies that can't surf anymore. Folks are often out on the Noosa River while I'm at work. The cheating ones go *with* the tide (lazy bastards). The serious ones go against the tide and no doubt get quite a work out from it. There are also open water paddlers up here, and theyy actually have proper races out in Laguna Bay.

Earl Riser said...