Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today I...

...spent the warm, sunny afternoon in the Botanic Gardens.

...wasn't the only person alone, reading.

...took my shoes off and felt the grass on my feet. I saw the prickle before I stepped on it. the paper properly.

...found the nine-letter word in the Target puzzle. Electrode.

...finished reading my book, the first one I've finished in ages.

...watched the fairies darting about in the sunshine.

...spotted an eel in the murky water. It saw me and hid under the algae/slime. There's a drawing of an eel in the book I just finished.

...saw a cygnet. Fluffy.

...admired the jacaranda.

...took photos....

The William Tell Rest House (with eel habitat in foreground)

Water lilies

Some kind of thistle

Everlasting daisies (the petals feel like paper)


Andrew said...

While I am not sure what they were doing??? I recall quite a few years ago seeing a mass of writhing and entangled eels in the Botanic Gardens. Lovely photos today.

Deidre said...

Love the photos of the girl and lily pads! Gorgeous! :)

Love the Bo Gardens.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey Andrew. Thanks. Easy to take lovely photos in the Botanic Gardens.

I remember seeing masses of eels in the lake once too - horrible creatures! - but I suppose the low water level and perhaps poor water quality have taken their toll.

Hi Diedre. Thanks. I love the gardens too. Always guaranteed to get some nice photos there. I tried to get some photos of the other little girls running around in their fairy dresses, but I didn't want their parents to see me and think I was some kind of pervert!