Sunday, January 31, 2010


My dieffenbachia has produced offspring! (The mother plant is still alive after I coaxed it back from the greenhouse in the sky, but it's not thriving. It keeps getting a new leaf, which starts to shrivel up as soon as it unfurls. Hmmmf. Any thoughts?)

I find it very pleasing to push slivers of garlic into small incisions in a lamb mini roast.

Today I discovered citric acid and sugar added to soda water totally tastes like lemonade. Not someting most people need to know, but I'm back on my allergy elimination diet (again), and sometimes I get bored with drinking water.

Aaaah. Another hot weekend in Melbourne capped off with a cool change.


Andrew said...

Cut the main stem off about 2cm above the potting mix surface. While it may linger on like it is now, better for a new stem to grow. Outside, a good watering once a week in summer. Inside, 10 to 14 days. Never keep it in direct sunshine. I have just looked on the net and a couple of sites suggest they like a good misting.

Frisky Librarian said...

Thanks, Andrew! I probably could have looked it up myself, couldn't I? Will chop back the stem when this latest leaf withers. Can't bring myself to do it now.

I had been leaving it quite a while between waterings but was worried lack of water might be responsible for the shrivel. Probably not. It does have a light spot, with no direct sun on its leaves, so it shouldn't be that.

And you just reminded me to recommence misting. I have been lax in my misting duties of late. I know my spath likes that too - it's going great guns - it's got several flowers on it and has had for months.

Bill said...


I've 'tagged' you

Erin said...


Jayne said...

Yay for the baby leaf and good luck with the chopping ;)