Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunny, frooty and banjotastic

I bought Frootloops on the weekend and I'm bloody enjoying them too. I'm making another attempt at my allergy elimination diet next week so I'm going out with a (fake) fruity bang.

New favourite CD

I know I'm a little late to the party, but gosh I'm enjoying Mumford and Sons' bluegrass-tinged CD Sigh No More.*whispers* I really like the banjo, but I'm from the country so that's forgiveable, right? 

Here's one of my favourite songs, Roll Away Your Stone.


I bought myself some sunflowers tonight for the first time. They are such happy flowers.


a work in progress said...

i heard 'Sigh no more' on ABC Coast FM and loved it. :)

good luck with the diet!

Abbeysmum said...

Whoa....fruit loops ! how much artificial colour and flavours do they have ? that would crank up the allergy's
My faves are crunchy nut cornflakes .....I don't know when to stop !
Hope the elimination gives you some answers this time.