Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blue pizza pie and new hair

When I came in the door tonight after the movies, the huge yellow full moon hit me in the eye like a big pizza pie. Does anyone else sing that song in their head when they first see the full moon?

Apparently it's a blue moon - the second full moon within a month, the last being on 31 December. There's a moonshadow moving slowly across my lounge room (or there was until my flatmate turned the light on).

I got my hair cut and coloured today. I'm like brand new, even though it's the same cut and colour as always. Feels good.

The hairdresser, who only cut my hair a few times before she left to have a baby over a year ago, remembered my name immediately. I was impressed and pleased.


Dina said...

I love cutting and coloring my hair. I don't know why. There's just something refreshing about it.

Jayne said...

I sing that (in my head at least) whenever I see a full moon (of the lunar variety, not the dackless type ;) )

Jayne said...

Oh, and try to do the Haunted Melbourne tour in Summer, weather and more people make for a great group ;)

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Don't you just LOVE a thoughtful hairdresser? I see mine only once every six weeks, yet I am stunned at how much she remembers about what was going on with me on our previous visit! It's, quite simply, an awesome gift!

I LOVE the premise of this blog! i am your newest fan! Please don't stop!!