Wednesday, April 14, 2010

....and breathe

My life has been hectic and stressful lately, but tonight I'm having a quiet night at home to relax and catch up on things I've not had the time or energy to attend to. I also have the flat to myself, which makes it doubly nice. I'm sitting on the loungeroom floor in my pjs and I can see the city lights out the window. Love where I live.

Walking home tonight I saw them testing the LCD lights that are embedded in the shell of the new sports stadium, which has been named AAMI Park. It looked great. I can't wait to see what it's like when it's finished.

I'm uploading three CDs I bought tonight on my way home - Florence and the Machine's Lungs, the limited edition of Angus and Julia Stone's new album, Down the Way and the DVD/CD set of the White Stripes' documentary Under Great White Northern Lights. Yays! New music!

The packaging of the Angus and Julia Stone album is gorgeous. It's like a cloth-bound book with the title printed in gold lettering and it's fastened shut with a ribbon. Inside, lyrics and vintagey photos are printed on nice matte paper and - the best bit - is a frontispiece with "This album belongs to _________". How cute is that?  Listening to it now. I like it so far.

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