Monday, April 19, 2010

Furry kitten and dogs in blankets

I love to get real mail  - something besides bills and junk - and today I got the best kind of mail: a lovely, thoughtful and completely unexpected card. It was the best thing about my day.

It was a "thinking of you" card sent by one of my many wonderful online friends (who says online friendships are phoney?).  I got a little teary when I read it. People really are lovely.

And the card was adorable - a picture of a cute tabby kitten, printed onto flocked card. Cute and furry! I've put it beside my bed and I'll feel warm and fuzzy inside every time I see it.

Comfort food

Does anybody know what dogs in blankets are? The dish, I mean. Not snuggling canines. 

No? It's meat fritters, basically. You coat the sliced meat in batter and shallow fry it until crisp and golden brown. Mmm....crisp and golden brown. We used to have them often when I was a kid to use up leftover roast lamb (we lived on a sheep farm and ate a lot of lamb).

I made dogs in blankets myself for the first time at Easter when my mum was visiting and again last night. They were yummy both times. The nostalgia factor makes them extra tasty. I think they're going to be one of my comfort food staples.

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Richard said...

Thank you for your time and effort in producing such a neat, inspiring blog! Best wishes!