Friday, April 30, 2010

Free time, expecting cuddles and yum

It's Friday night and I'm enjoying having it to myself for the first time in about a month. Even if I'm just sitting at home on my 'puter listening to The White Stripes and eating crackers and dip.

I'm looking forward to visiting my friends and their two little boys tomorrow - my quasi nephews, one of whom is the three year old with Spiderman on speed dial. Hopefully I'll get a cuddle.

I know I'm definitely getting corned beef for dinner. Yum. My favourite. It'll be the first decent home cooked meal I've had in quite some time (I haven't been looking after myself very well, even when I've had the chance...). They're very good to me.

Speaking of anticipation....THIS TIME IN TWO WEEKS I'LL BE EN ROUTE TO NEW YORK!!!

I discovered some old White Stripes songs on YouTube today that I'd never heard. Sweet.

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