Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dark showering, laughing and loved

I've developed a thing about showering in the dark. A friend recommended it as therapy for a migraine, but last night I did it even though I felt fine. It's just nicer in the dark. Perhaps the sensory deprivation makes it more relaxing? I imagine the water spattering on my shower cap is rain falling on the roof of a tin shack. 

I had brunch with a Twitter friend at Dimitri's Feast on Swan Street today. It's the first time I've eaten there and also the first time I'd met this friend in the real world. I've met so many online friends in the real world now that it no longer feels strange to me. 

 It was a nice way to while a way a few hours - conversation, laughs and yummy food. The hot chocolate was rich and thick, and the semolina pancakes with orange blossom syrup, pistachios and yogurt were delicious. *opens mouth and drools like Homer Simpson*. 

I met another friend for drinks in the afternoon and that was fun too. There's nothing like good conversation and laughs, is there? Part of me worries I'm being inappropriate by socialising at a time like this, but then I thought, life is for living, isn't it? It's healthy to want to spend time in life-affirming ways, right?

I came home to not one, but two, beautiful floral arrangements, one from my work (which was expected) and another from a friend, which was a nice surprise. I also got a lovely handmade card in the mail from a good friend too. I feel so loved right now. 

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Andrew said...

A couple of glasses of wine, and you can have an unreal shower. In the dark, I will try. Not great for conserving water though. Sorry about you Dad. It is harder when they are youngish and seem healthy.