Friday, January 25, 2013

A gleeful discovery

I bought a dress recently to wear to my friend Bertie's upcoming wedding, but when I tried it on at home I realised it was just a bit too squishy in the boob region, so I decided to get it altered. I did a google search for clothing alteration services in the city and one that came up was Circe. My heart leapt a little in my (apparently too ample) bosom. So that's what Circe does! They're located in one of my favourite buildings in the CBD, the old City of Melbourne Building on the corner of  Elizabeth and Little Collins Streets. I'd seen the name on a little round window of the building, but I didn't know if  it was still operating there, especially given the phone number is old (it has seven, rather than digits). 

I took my dress in yesterday and took a few quick photos before leaving. 

The quote to alter my dress was quite reasonable too. I was prepared to pay a little more to have a reason to be inside the building (and for a place that wasn't Alter-It). 

For anyone who's wondering, Circe, pronounced "keer-keeh" is a minor goddess/nymph/sorceress/witch from Greek mythology, described in Homer's Odyssey as "the loveliest of all immortals"...she did murder her hubby though.)

On day one of my extra long weekend, Luke and I had second breakfast at Yellow Bird on Chapel Street. I had a yummy macadamia muesli with fresh fruit and honey. We also bought a colour printer. Not a particularly exciting purchase, but handy. 


piggywhistles said...

Circe looks fascinating. I hope the alterations worked out well.

a work in progress said...

what a great find! good to know these places still exist in the world.

Hope we get to see pics of the final outcome of the alterations :)