Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bonus Sunday post: Sydney signs

I forgot to post the photos of signs I took in Sydney! Here they are: 

 My first sign spotting: looking out the window of my hotel room

Johnson & Sons Pty Limited...something & grindery merchants
...wholesale and retail. I think it was on Elizabeth Street

 Can't remember the location. Bathurst Street maybe?

 Near my hotel - Griffiths Teas

 A closer look

 And on the other side. Griffiths Beverages would
 have been a more fitting name

 The old GPO - Pitt Street side

Also Pitt Street

The Australian Workers Union. I think this was Elizabeth Street too

 King Street, Newtown. Continental delicatessen at the top,
 ice cold on the left. I think it says Shelley's 
in white above the windows, which I only worked
 out after looking closely at the sign below

King Street again.  Shelley's Famous Drinks.
 Icy cold. Refreshes you faster! And a shell 
with an E in it. Shell-ey, I guess! 

Also King Street. It looks like Doumany & Son (bottom left),
  then Kolotex and the nation's great nylons! 

 The Dew Drop Inn seems an odd name for an Asian restaurant. 
It makes me think of the Three Little Bops  

In case anyone thinks I have fantastic eyesight, it's only by zooming in that I can make out many of words on the first three Newtown signs. You can have a closer look by clicking on them to enlarge. 


Andrew said...

Brief visit and how well did you do to get so many old signs.

Deidre said...

Very cool! Loved these glimpses of Sydney - much more picturesque then my memories of it.