Thursday, July 3, 2014

JayBloPoMo: Day 3

I've been listening to Jack White's second solo album, Lazaretto, for the past few weeks. I don't LOVE it, but it's growing on me more and more. I'm loving the song Alone in My Home  though. The album version is piano heavy, but I also like this string quartet live rendition. 

(Is the woman's ukulele smaller than usual?)

I got a modest payrise. Modest like a flannel nightgown. I wasn't expecting a flimsy negligee, but I was hoping for something that showed off a bit of leg. I've been working hard. So this isn't particularly gleeful to be honest...more a case of trying to turn my disappointment into gratitude. I could have missed out on a payrise altogether. 

Peanut butter on toast. Yum. 

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